Shawna and Kevin's Fenway Engagement Session || Boston, MA

I met Shawna and Kevin on one of the nicest days at the end of March, this was after all of those random snow storms that had me questioning living in New England through the winters.

These two asked to do their engagement session in an area that meant a lot to them. For this area was the official/unofficial start of their relationship. Cask and Flagon was where they spent time together before officially starting their relationship and Fenway was also the start of that as well.

I loved the story of their “first” date. Shawna bought tickets to a Red Sox game, and it turned out that they arrived the wrong day for the game. Luckily they got in to standing room, and Kevin said that was their first date, but Shawna thought they were just friends at that point. A few more times hanging out together and their relationship blossomed (officially or unofficially). Either way it was the start of something amazing, and their relationship grew from there.

These two are so comfortable to be around, you can tell they have a solid foundation to their relationship and have so much laughter and love involved in it. While these two are New Yorkers right now, they will be heading back to the area in the few months leading up to their wedding in the fall. Hopefully leading to the attendance of many more Red Sox games in their future. I cannot wait for their wedding in October, it will be such a special and fun day :)


Lizzy and Shane's Harvard and Fenway Park Engagement Session || Fenway Park and Harvard in Cambridge, MA||

This is an engagement session that I have been dying to blog about. As someone who has gone to Fenway Park many times to see the Red Sox play, this was absolutely the coolest thing ever to be able to take engagement photos for Lizzy and Shane there.

We started our morning over at Harvard's campus. While Lizzy and Shane were planning ideas for their session, they looked up a few things in the area and found this bench with a beautiful quote. It took us a little while to find said bench because apparently no one on the Harvard campus knew the building that was right behind it. After asking multiple people (including people who worked at Harvard University), we finally got directed in the right direction and found it. 

From there we meandered around Harvard's campus and then got ready to head over toward Fenway. Now I am a Red Sox fan, but Shane is a die-hard Red Sox fan. When we walked onto the field and into the dugout in Fenway Park, Shane and Lizzy had the biggest smiles on their faces. It was by far the coolest experience ever. We got to be in areas that you don't necessarily get to go on tours of the park. We got to go where basically only the players and some other really special people get to go. 

Being right next to the scoreboard on the Green Monster and sitting in actual Green Monster seats was so cool! We even have photos of Lizzy and Shane in the dugout and sitting on top (where only Wally seems to be able to go). 

By the time we had to leave, I felt like I had to pinch myself because this was one of those days where I cannot believe I get to do this for my job. This was such a special session for these two because Fenway Park and the Red Sox mean so much to Shane and Lizzy. They have spent countless nights at games here, and it was the perfect place for them to celebrate their engagement.