Jackie and Kevin's Wedding || Eastern Point Yacht Club || Gloucester, MA

Jackie and Kevin’s wedding celebration started a few days earlier on Thursday evening, when I helped capture their welcome party for family and friends traveling from further away. Both Jackie and Kevin have international relatives that flew in for the celebration which made it even more special. The morning of their wedding brought beautiful weather, perhaps the best fall day you could ask for. When I arrived at Eastern Point Yacht Club, Jackie and her bridesmaids were having fun already in their adorable matching robes. I started with all of the details in the most beautifully sun drenched room. After capturing all of the little details, I captured some fun group photos of the ladies outside on the deck and then Jackie started to get into her wedding dress. Jackie had her mom and her maid of honor helping her into her dress, and each took a turn in helping to button all of the buttons she had up the back of the dress. Jackie was seriously beaming from this moment on. One of the most special moments was when Jackie after stepping into the dress with all of her jewelry on, went out to show her bridesmaids and her mom. There were more than a few happy tears in that moment, it was so sweet seeing how excited each one of her friends and her mom were for her.

From here, I grabbed Kevin and we got in position for the first look. Jackie and Kevin were so sweet together seeing each other for the first time that day. They were both filled with smiles and joy. This carried over to the bridal party photos we took with the rest of their crew, and my second photographer even headed out on a boat with the guys. Definitely some of the most unique bridal party portraits. We captured some beautiful family portraits before the ceremony (another perk of doing a first look is having time to do all of these portraits before the ceremony), and then hid the bride and groom away for the big moment.

The ceremony was filled with lots of laughs, lots of mentions of rats in old apartments, and lots of sweet moments between Jackie and Kevin. Their officiant, Matt Sachs, did an awesome job, and had everyone captivated. After officially being announced, these two were absolutely ecstatic. One of my favorite photos from their wedding day is from right after they were officially married, the two of them are just grinning from ear to ear.

After sneaking Jackie and Kevin out for some sunset photos, they called an end to cocktail hour with the help of a tiny canon. It was so loud, something you would never know just looking at it. With that, their beautiful reception started and their bridal party danced their way into the tent. The reception started with their first dance, and Jackie and Kevin spun their dance away delighting everyone. These two were so sweet and had such a beautiful first dance. This was followed by a speech by Jackie’s dad who had everyone in stitches, and also recognized how much work Jackie’s mom Anne put into the wedding day as well. After a brief break for salads, we then were treated to two of the most sincere and lovely speeches by Jackie’s MOH, Julie, and Kevin’s best man (and brother), Bryan. Both had so many sweet stories of how close they are to the two of them. I definitely think they both win for some of the most beautiful and touching speeches I’ve heard to date.

Later on, Jackie and her dad shared their father/daughter dance, and Kevin and his mom shared a dance as well. This kicked off the awesome dancing portion of the night. This group had no problem getting up and having fun to every song. Such a fun group and a wonderful end to the night. Congratulations again Jackie and Kevin, I know you two will have many travels and adventures to come!


|| Vendors ||

Venue: Eastern Point Yacht Club || https://epyc.net/
Second Photographer: Mary St. Pierre
Event Planner: Chancey Charm || www.chanceycharmweddings.com
String Trio: Occasional Brass & Strings || www.occasionalbrass.com
Videographer: Films by Andy || www.filmsbyandy.com
Cake: Mayflour Confections || www.mayflourconfections.com
Tent and Rentals: The Event Co. - New England || https://rentent.com/
Florals: Garden Designs by Kristen || www.gardendesignsbykristen.com
Hair and Makeup: Luxebar / Mane & Mani || www.maneandmani.com

Engagement guide

For all of my summer and fall weddings, engagement session season is ramping up and I wanted to just put together a few tips for all of my amazing couples, or any couples that might be gearing up for their engagement sessions. 

First off, engagement sessions should be super easy and low stress. That is what I want to say to all of my couples. It really is a fun day of capturing photos, and getting to know each other. I like to spend the first 10-15 minutes just talking about how the wedding planning is going, what you two have been up to since our booking meeting, and just having a general chat about life. Since we will be working together so closely on a very important day in your life, I want everything including the engagement session to be easy and fun for you. 

So here are a few tips for all of you lovely engaged couples to make sure the engagement session goes smoothly, that you have fun, and get beautiful photos of you two to share leading up to your wedding day. 

* What time of day is best for your session?

Since the light is the most beautiful in the few hours after sunrise and before sunset, these are the times that I recommend. The time right after sunrise and before sunset is called the "golden hour," because you get a beautiful golden light that seriously makes your photos stand out even more. 

Example below: 


What should we wear? 

The first tip I would give you is to stay true to who you are, so make sure to stick to your style first and foremost. However, you are taking photos that you may share leading up to the wedding day, so I would say stick to your style but dress it up a little bit as well. You don't want to come off too matchy-matchy, so generally pick a color palette that you like and stick to colors in that palette. Avoid having too many patterns, so it isn't too busy. Dark colored pants tend to look better, and I would say just generally look to see if the clothes you have work work together. If all else fails, use neutrals such as black, white, gray, etc and pair those with one or two non-neutral colors that work together. 

If you book a longer engagement session, you can do two looks: one that's more formal and one that's more casual

Example below: 


Should we bring props? 

If there is something that makes you two unique as a couple, such as that you are avid readers, or love eating a certain kind of food, you should definitely bring a prop that incorporates that to your engagement session. If you two love eating donuts, bring some donuts because that would make for some awesome photos that show you two as a couple. 

Example below: 


Can we have our pets be part of the session? 

Totally!! I have personally captured quite a few engagement sessions that include pets. Pets are a big part of your life, they are really a part of your family. So it's natural to want to include them in photos that show you embarking on the next part of your life. One thing that I would recommend if you bring your pet, is to have another person with you two that can hold your pet so that we can get a few photos of just you two. Also, make sure that if you bring your dog, that they got a good walk before the session. That always helps dogs to be more cooperative for the camera :) 

Example below: 


What happens if there is inclement weather? 

I have captured some truly adorable engagement sessions where it rained, or wasn't the most ideal weather. You can truly make your engagement session amazing in inclement weather as well, and I encourage my clients to keep their session in the rain or in the snow. Having said that, if it's unsafe for you to be outside, then definitely postpone your session. I generally try to have a rain date set for engagement sessions, but if you are coming from out of town then it's best to try to still do your session that day. 

Example below: 


As I said in the beginning of this post, what I want the most as a photographer is for you to enjoy your engagement session, to have fun, and let me capture your love for each other.  Every couple is unique, and I want to make sure you have a great session that captures how special and one of a kind you two are! 

Courtney and Jane's Wedding || Harbor Lounge || Provincetown, MA

I was introduced to Courtney through her co-worker (another one of my 2016 wedding clients, Matt). The first time I met Courtney and Jane was at Wired Puppy. We spent the whole time talking about how they met and their lives together. Courtney and Jane met when Courtney walked into Jane’s “GI Jano Bootcamp” at Healthworks in Back Bay. They were friends for a couple of years and then started dating. One of the cutest things is that Courtney says that Jane is the yin to her yang and makes her a better person, and Jane says that Courtney is an old soul with an enormous capacity to love. These two just fit together like puzzle pieces.

While talking to them the first time I met them, Jane and Courtney told me all about the amazing one year trip around the world that they took in 2011 (which by the way I am so jealous of and want to do someday. These two traveled around Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. One of the most unique parts of their wedding was their rings, which were made from the wood from the Kauri tree that they saw in New Zealand on their trip around the world.

The day was the perfect crisp, fall Provincetown day.  We started off the day with Courtney and Jane’s family and friends who stayed with them at The Inn at Cook Street. There were group photos, tequila shots, sharing fond memories, and just general fun and merriment. It was a great way to see these amazing relationships that Jane and Courtney have, all of the people starting off their wedding day were just so happy and excited for them.

From there Courtney, Jane, and I walked down the street to try to get a few photos of the two of them as close to the shore as we could. By perfect timing, as we were walking down the street, a resident who lived right on the water offered up his outdoor deck next to the water for them to take photos on. This was so great, it allowed Courtney and Jane a beautiful moment with just the two of them and I was lucky enough to be able to document this moment for them.

Their ceremony and reception took place at Harbor Lounge, and their ceremony space was so cool. The Harbor Lounge has an outdoor deck that juts out on the beach almost to where the water starts. So Courtney and Jane walked out through all of their friends and family to cheers. The ceremony was officiated by Jane’s sister Jill, who by the way totally killed it. Jill, you could definitely make being an officiant your second job, because you were amazing. Jill had everyone in stitches, and as you can see below had Courtney and Jane cracking up throughout the ceremony. In addition to Jill, Courtney’s mother Fran and Jane’s mother Lauretta spoke during the ceremony and even made me tear up a little bit. Their ceremony was the perfect mix of laughter, emotion, and joy.

Their reception was filled with drinks, food, and celebrations. There were special cocktails, an oyster shucker, and a cupcake tower. The coolest décor items at their reception were photos of the two of them from different occasions in their life spread all around Harbor Lounge, it gave you a feel for all of the many adventures they had been on.

After the reception, we participated in what is my favorite thing about a lot of Provincetown weddings, walking down Commercial street with the couple’s friends and family forming our own little parade. It’s such a cool tradition, Courtney and Jane got all of their friends and family to walk down the main street in Provincetown yelling out in celebration of their marriage. Everyone all the way down Commercial Street was congratulating them, yelling back, and one of the best moments was when Courtney and Jane high-fived a passerby. It was the perfect end to an amazing wedding day for the two of them. Congratulations again Courtney and Jane, I know your future will be so love-filled and also filled with many more travel adventures. 


Venue: Harbor Lounge || www.harborlounge.com || harborlounge@gmail.com

Oyster Raw Bar: Brad Kaplan || Iona Seafarms || 508-349-8201

Catering: Liz Lovati || Angel Foods || www.angelfoods.com || lizlove17@gmail.com