Alli and Ben's Salem Cross Inn Wedding || Salem Cross Inn || Brookfield, MA

I met Alli on a cold December day at Starbucks in Back Bay in Boston, MA. I remember her telling me the story of how her and Ben met at Northeastern when they were both Resident Assistants in the summer of 2009. She told me about how they were friends for a little while first and then started dating. Apparently he thought she looked like an actress from a show he watched, and she thought he was so smooth and charming upon first meeting. As she told me their story her whole face lit up, and I really hoped that she would let me capture their wedding day. Eight months later, I was lucky enough to be there as their photographer. 

Driving to Brookfield, MA my car was pelted by some rain and thunderstorms. Luckily by the time I arrived at their hotel, the sun had come out and the rest of the day was beautiful. Upon walking into Alli's hotel room, I was greeted by a group of her friends rehearsing their wedding day performance for her and all of the bridesmaids. It was a beautiful song created just for their wedding, and brought many in the room to tears. 

This was just one of many unique and special touches that Alli and Ben had for their wedding day. The ceremony was officiated by Ben's grandfather Robert Hoffman, and the whole ceremony integrated each of their family's traditions.  Several different family members and friends spoke pieces for the ceremony and then it ended with the traditional breaking of the glass. After walking down the aisle, Alli and Ben then left in a horse drawn carriage. It was really like something out of a fairytale. 

It was such a gorgeous day, and the toasts from Alli's sister, father, and Ben's friend Sam really touched my heart. There was just so much history and love there. It was such a happy and beautiful occasion that led into such a fun and lively open dance floor. Their friends and family needed no prompting to get on the dance floor, having so much fun dancing and singing along to all of the songs being played. One of the best parts was right before I was done, Ben and his friends took turns singing on a microphone to R. Kelly. It was one of the funniest things I have seen at a wedding, and you could tell what a fun-loving, outgoing, enjoyable group this was at the wedding. From the musical start to finish, this wedding was such a unique and beautiful one. I was so happy to have captured it for these two. Congratulations again Alli and Ben, I see nothing but fun, joy, and happiness in your future :) 

These shots came to be when the siblings of each of Alli and Ben's families tried to jump at the same time, as you can see it was a little hard for everyone to jump at the exact same time. 

One of my favorite photos of the day, this was right after Alli's grandmother walked up with her cane and then with a bit of sass threw it to the side for the photo. After that everyone was laughing and whistling, it was so great. 

I loved getting this photo, it's three generations of women. So special getting photos like this one.

Venue: Salem Cross Inn


Florist || Barry Mongeon || || 413-436-8160

DJ || DJ Mike Obara || ||

Hair & Makeup || Jessica Carpenter & Melanie Tyrrell || ||

Dress and Accessories || Elizabeth Johns ||