Matt and Noel's Engagement Session|| Castle Island || Boston, MA

This adorable couple with two sweet dogs started off my season of wedding photography a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful shoot on Castle Island in Boston, Massachusetts. While I have lived in the Boston area for just about 10 years now, that was my first time out to Castle Island. It was one of the first really gorgeous days of the year, so we had beautiful weather to shoot with as well as an ideal coast location. 

When Matt and Noel asked if they could bring their dogs along, I didn't even hesitate to say yes. I am a huge dog person. My family's dog growing up was a Samoyed named Lily, and now I get to enjoy being around my parents' dog, a Golden Retriever named Nola. So for me if there's any chance that I can get to be around dogs, I will take it.  Especially so if I get to take beautiful photos of the dogs and their owners. So these two Cockerspaniels, Taylor and Wilbur, were great to have along for the session. Towards the end, I was even able to get some great photos of the dogs basking in the setting sunlight. 

The origin story of how I met Matt and Noel dates back to my first wedding of last year, they were guests at David and Sameer's wedding in Provincetown, Massachusetts on June 20th, 2015. I actually took a boat over to the ceremony with the two of them, and shot a few good photos of them with David and Sameer. Who could have known that almost a year later, I would be shooting their engagement photos and then their wedding in a few months. 

It was apparent right away how in love these two are, as well as how well they compliment and care for each other. I am so excited to capture their wedding day in just a little over two months!!