Catie and Pete's Somerville Engagement Session

A couple of weeks ago, I got up bright and early and headed over to Prospect Hill Monument in Somerville, MA. Somehow I convinced Catie and Pete to do the same. Despite the chilly temperatures, they were pumped and ready to shoot photos all around the monument and down in Union Square. Though Catie and Pete no longer live in Massachusetts, their love for their former city, Somerville, brought them back here for their engagement session. One of the best parts of shooting in Union Square is that after we finished I was able to stop over for donuts at Union Square Donuts. So perhaps I should do more engagement sessions in Somerville.

When I first met these two at a pre-booking meeting back in the winter, I just knew I wanted to work with them. Catie is a city planner for New York City, and Pete is a professional musician and a music teacher. These are seriously cool occupations for some seriously cool and kind people. These two are equal parts caring and interesting, and I am so very excited to capture their wedding in August. These two have known each other since they were 14 years old, so I have a feeling their family and friends are going to have a major celebration for their wedding day.

I cannot wait!


Jenny and Phil's Canoe River Campground Engagement Session|| Mansfield, MA

It was so fun to shoot this engagement session with Jenny and Phil. A decent amount of my engagement sessions take place in the city of Boston, where I try to find as much greenery as possible to make the locations look more outdoorsy. For this location, Canoe River Campground in Mansfield, MA, I didn't have to look to find the greenery as it was already all around. This place was gorgeous, rustic, and had a beautiful pond filled with swans and ducks. 

Phil's family owns this campground, so it really seemed like a fitting location to shoot their engagement photos. These two were naturals and so easy to take photos of. Their two dogs Kody and Kenpaichi, which are both rescue dogs, were there for a few photos as well. The funniest part had to be when their dog Kody was barking and whining so much at another dog that Phil had to pick him up to give him a bit more attention. Once in Phil's arms, he quieted down as he was instantly happy having his owners' attention solely on him. As you can see below, the one photo was taken during that scene. It made for some adorable photos. Kenpaichi also got his moment of fame at the end of our session as we were walking out of the campground area. He walked up on top of this rock, and posed there for several minutes. What was hilarious is that a few cars were coming into the campground at that time, and he was pretty much the official greeter of the campground. 

Jenny and Phil really exude love and admiration for each other, you can see that easily through the photos taken during this session. It was so nice that Phil's son was a part of the session as well, so we really were able to capture a whole new family together. That's what I love about engagements and weddings, it really is the coming together of a whole new family, and creating new traditions. 

I am so excited to capture Jenny and Phil's wedding in a little over two and a half months. These two have such an amazing future ahead of them with plenty of compassion and possibilities :)