Where there is love, there is life
— Mahatma Gandhi

Get to know me


I have been told that I smile behind the camera when taking photos at weddings. This is because I really do love being a part of such an amazing day for two people, their family, and friends. It is truly a celebration of being in the presence of something special.

Love is such a rare and beautiful thing, and to be able to document that for a lifetime to come fills me with such joy.

When all of the cake has been eaten, champagne has been drunk, and the decorations have been packed up, the photos from this day freeze these moments in time in a way that almost seems impossible. You can go back to these photos and remember the emotions and feelings from that day. 

This is the way I feel about creating photography for your special day. I want to capture the emotions of the day without getting in the way, nothing that is too posed or stiff. I want you to honestly forget that I’m there after the group portraits are done.

I want to help you to just be in the moment to enjoy the day, knowing that the images will be documented in the most beautiful way possible.